How to Create Your Destiny Through Conscious Choice

How to Create Your Destiny Through Conscious Choice and Start Living Fulfillment

Many of the answers about my destiny are found in the Ancient Science of Cards. My passion in metaphysics and my mission to enrich others had led me to give up my career to focus on seeking spiritual science about the truths in life.

I was fortunate to attract three powerful Masters including two of the world greatest Enlightened Beings of incarnation who taught me about the way of life.

I have created an integrated programme designed for personal transformation for fulfillment by integrating practical life solutions with the Ancient Science of Cards.

Your Life Destiny

Your destiny is predetermined only if you act unconsciously. But you will create your destiny if you choose to act consciously.

Please understand it is a fact that life is suffering. Suffering is a mismatch of what you want and what you actually get. But the truth is life in its natural state is peace and joy. It is your mind that is the source of disturbance.

Everything is created by the mind.

Everything starts from the mind.

There are two ways to gain control of the mind.


Using the ‘Ancient Science of Cards”, you will become more aware of your core issues and root thought patterns. You will indentify the struggles in certain areas of your life and the root cause of your problems happening at unconscious level.

The Ancient Science of Cards is based on mathematics and we each have 13 cards in our life path. Then for each year of our lives, we have 12 new cards that reveal the secrets of what are the likely events that will happen to us. The system has been guiding the lives of thousands all over the world.

It will take you where you are right now to achieving your life purpose. It is an ancient tool to help you live a fulfilling and enriching life.

2. Practical Life Solutions

When you are aware of your root thought patterns, so much sufferings can be avoided.

Just by understanding the principles and your root patterns, you can also come out from it.

When the root pattern happens, catch it and drop the pattern that will cause suffering through the use of “Unclutching technique”.

Unclutching is the essence of life solutions. You will be taught a series of understanding and application of life solutions to dissolve your blocked feelings and clear the negative energy. Every time you clear one root thought pattern, you move your energy to a higher level. Once you untie some “knots”, you will feel fresh and energised to move forward.

As you cleared this blocked energy and uplift your life with the four universal values for success and prosperity, this higher vibration frequency in you will radiate power and is the key to attracting the people and opportunities you desire.

You can then use these tools again and again to restore situations as they come up when you are stuck in your life or if you fall from your success. This is living fulfillment- living a continuous fulfilling life and enriching others.


I am providing you a platform for you to create awareness to practise life solutions to achieve fulfillment. Please understand karma is unfulfilled actions and hence, the purpose of this programme is to transform your negative thoughts through awareness and unclutching to remove your root patterns for living a fulfilling life.

Ooi Chin Wah

12th Feb 2013

How to Create Your Destiny Through Conscious Choice

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