Spiritual article – 12th Nov 2014

12th Nov 2014

Material & Spiritual Wealth

Do you know that it is possible to have material wealth and spiritual wealth at the same time?

Bhagavad Gita (dymystified) in chapter four of this scripture describes this possibility as Quantum Spirituality that gives you both material and spiritual wealth.

The problem is that material success in modern times is somehow being perceived by many as separate from spirituality – which teaches Oneness. From this awareness, the universe will always support you in realising your dreams – when you fall in tune with the whole.

You don’t need to equate richness with guilt and spirituality with sacrifice. The delinking of spirituality and abundance has created limiting concepts and preconceived notions in our minds, thus stopping us from becoming successful.
All you have to do is to link success, wealth and spirituality. The secret is learn to master our outer abundance as much as with our inner awareness, to exist with success and peace.

The starting point begins with the root of our inner awareness. If you come from a root of lacking, you will be following this path. But if your root cognition is one of abundant awareness, you will be able to create the material success that you want. The journey through life will be made easier by a mind that believe in abundance and can adapt peacefully to changing realities, and without attachment.

Buddhism and Hinduism start with restful awareness through their methods of meditation : to empty what you don’t want ; to create the right space that is peaceful; and yet also a powerful inner space of possibilities for wealth creation.

Buddhism teaches “the middle path” where moderation is needed for any activity and that peace comes from within.

In Hinduism, the secret of success practiced by great masters over 5000 years ago based on the Vedic tradition is in the science of “completion” – the ability to let go of the past incidents with people and situations without any hangover residue that create negative thinking that prevent us from achieving anything totally at any time.

“Completion” is a powerful process to change for good: that you can even forget your addiction. It is a science to experience your inner space of possibility and strength that empower you with spiritual principles and most of all self belief to achieve what you want in life.

Spiritual life is not only about praying with joss-sticks, candles and incense. Spirituality is a serious lifestyle. Life has no tolerance for those whose inner self is repeatedly corrupted with negative root patterns or habits and not taking the responsibility. You will destroy yourself. Helping hands will only come in the form of spiritual teachings. A spiritual person is one who is able to align his thoughts, words and actions with authenticity and integrity.

Life has a price tag. The bigger your dreams, the more challenges you will face. The challenges will come. You need spiritual knowledge and wisdom to face the hardships and when they come, it boils down to doing a job well to see success; and then to take good care of the wealth you have accumulated.

Everything in short depends upon what you can build of a reality in your inner awareness. You need to create an inner space of possibility with self drive and most of all your self-belief: without self doubts, self hatred and self denial to achieve your goals, both material and spiritual.

Ooi Chin Wah

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