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Celebrities Robin WilliamsJuly 21, 1951 7 Clubs/ 9 Heartsby Robert Lee Camp I met Robin several times and did a reading for his now ex-wife, Marsha, a Q Clubs. I was curious and I asked her, “I see Robin as this happy go lucky guy who is always up. But I know 7 Clubs have the opposite down times too. Does Robin get ver...

My Destiny 28.11.2019 Author: ...

Spiritual Article – 23rd May 2015 Spiritual Article 23rd May 2015What is consciousness?Consciousness is something abstract. To many of us,  it has remain a mystical component and difficult to define because it is formless. Even today, the scientific field of quantum mechanics is still exploring to understand consciousness because its nature...

Life changing Results from Master Ooi My life has changed since 2006 as I have learned to live my life, enjoying its journey with peace and stability and enriching others with the knowledge of  destiny cards and spiritual practices.I am dedicated to a coaching programme on a one on one or small group basis on learning the ...