Easy to Learn

This ancient system has been revived more than 20 years, being relatively unknown since its first introduction to the world in 1894. After studying the system and using it to give personal readings to many individuals, Ooi Chin Wah will teach you step by step how to access the information. His programme is called Master of Destiny. This course leads you step by step through the process of doing yearly, monthly and weekly readings from the Book of Destiny. Everything you need is covered in the course including all of the Yearly Spreads of Cards for each of the Birth Cards and the complete meanings of all the various cards in the 10 different positions that they can occupy in your Yearly Spreads. With this course and the training materials given, you will be doing your first reading in a matter of an hour or two.

It gives you a detailed description of each of the 52 Birth Cards and the Joker. It tells you how people of these cards behave, what their karmic patterns are, their strengths and weaknesses and how they act in personal relationships. But it goes beyond this to present you with a quick and highly accurate method of doing compatibility readings between any two people. You can look up your card and compare it with anyone you have ever met and know exactly how the two of you relate, or would relate, in an intimate relationship. Books will be given and is full of interesting and useful information that will get you looking up everyone you know.

These valuable books are the basis of the system but there is much more available for those who want to delve into it.

This system is a magical combination of cards, Astrology and Numerology that can be learned quickly and easily.