Olney Richmond, once the grand master of the Order of the magi, published the first known book about this divination system. The Mystic Test Book was published in 1893 when it revealed their secrets to the world. Everything in this work is under strict mathematical laws, explained Mr. Richmond and the movements of the planets are traced with accuracy, even to a second of arc.

Robert Lee Camp, my Grandmaster was the one who subsequently revealed the complete system on Destiny and Relationship.
This system is the original science of the common playing cards. Each birth date is assigned one of the 52 cards. Once you know your birth card, you will know who you are and be able to know in advance what will happen in area of love, family, work, finance, health, legal mattes, travel and your spiritual life. What are the best tines for marriage, business expansion, changing jobs, travel, moving house and sale of property.
This system is a magical combination of cards, astrology and numerology that can be learned quickly and easily.

Testimonials “Mr Ooi is a consummate professional in how he does the 52 Cards of Destiny reading. I found his personal reading very focused, precise and to the point. His seminars are very well designed. I found I could used the information for my friends and family the very next day. “ Dr. Sundadas  D. Annamalay Naturopathic ...

How to Create Your Destiny Through Conscious Choice

How to Create Your Destiny Through Conscious Choice How to Create Your Destiny Through Conscious Choice and Start Living Fulfillment Many of the answers about my destiny are found in the Ancient Science of Cards. My passion in metaphysics and my mission to enrich others had led me to give up my career to focus on seeking spiritual science about t...

My Graduation Classes

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The Book of Life

The Book of Life The Book of Destiny has been discovered! How would you like to have a reliable source of information about your past, present and future? How about intimate knowledge of your personality and the personalities of your friends, family and associates? Would you believe it possible to know the intimate details of a person’s life ...