Ooi Chin Wah is the founder of Ancient Science of Cards, a company which  offers the ‘Cards of Destiny’ system. He has a BSc degree (HWU) and an MBA (Brunel, UK). He was a Naval Captain, an Engineer, and an owner of an  Education School during his early years in career. As time evolved, Master Ooi  came to know of his Grand Master, Robert Lee Camp and since then he became an Astrologer/Card reader and a Spiritual Teacher.

He now spends his time enriching others and living a life of freedom, travelling and teaching others to improve their lives. He offers nothing but time tested knowledge and techniques that could change your life for the better. He also spreads his knowledge through the internet.

He is fortunate to attract some of the world’s greatest Spiritual Masters and spent many years developing his knowledge and teaching in Singapore and Malaysia about the Ancient Science of Cards. He spent his training in US on the Cards of Destiny under his Grand Master, Robert Lee Camp.

He is committed in his mission of sharing the amazing Ancient Science of Cards and the Spiritual Principles of Life. He believes that one can achieve great success through increased Self-Awareness and carrying an Inner Space of possibilities.



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My Graduation Classes

My Graduation Classes At Landmark Village Hotel   2nd June 2012   28th April 2013 28.11.2019 Author: ...

Create your own Destiny

Create your own Destiny All the cards for your entire life are in the book. Each card has both high and low manisfestations. You create your own destiny (quality of life) by simply making choices between each card. Those whose lives are successful and happy have accessed the higher levels of expression for their cards. Once you know ...


Celebrities Robin WilliamsJuly 21, 1951 7 Clubs/ 9 Heartsby Robert Lee Camp I met Robin several times and did a reading for his now ex-wife, Marsha, a Q Clubs. I was curious and I asked her, “I see Robin as this happy go lucky guy who is always up. But I know 7 Clubs have the opposite down times too. Does Robin get ver...