1 to 1 Teaching

1 to 1 Personal or Group Coaching with Master Ooi Chin Wah

This service package consists of(per person):

  • Guaranteed to qualify you as professional consultant
  • Duration: 2 full days of intensive coaching
  • Two Text Books, Materials and Reports provided
  • Support one year of monthly coaching

Day one: This will be a hands- on experience where you will learn the structure and the mechanics of how the system works and look at case studies and get guidance and suggestions from Master Ooi. Experience with exercise in charting your whole life and two years prediction.

Day two: Love and Relationships: What your birthday reveals about you and relationships with others. You will learn the secrets of your love life and relationship with others.

The training will give you everything that you need to become a professional consultant and start teaching classes if you so desired. Call or email to make arrangement.

Price: 0.00
1 to 1 Teaching
The Book of Life

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Testimonials “Mr Ooi is a consummate professional in how he does the 52 Cards of Destiny reading. I found his personal reading very focused, precise and to the point. His seminars are very well designed. I found I could used the information for my friends and family the very next day. “ Dr. Sundadas  D. Annamalay Naturopathic ...


History Olney Richmond, once the grand master of the Order of the magi, published the first known book about this divination system. The Mystic Test Book was published in 1893 when it revealed their secrets to the world. Everything in this work is under strict mathematical laws, explained Mr. Richmond and the movements of the planets are traced with...

Spiritual article – 12th Nov 2014

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