Ancient Science of Cards Courses

1) Free Preview

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Duration: 4 hours
Location: Singapore
Fee: Nil
Materials provided

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2) Courses:

Course title:

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Cards of Destiny: What Your Birthday reveals about you and your past, present and future.

This will be a hands- on experience where you will learn the structure and the mechanics of how the system works and look at case studies and get guidance and suggestions from Master Ooi. Charting your whole life and two years prediction exercise.

1. Learn how to find your Birth Card, Planet Ruling Card and Karma Cards from The Grand Solar Spreads.
2.The Magi formula for mental calculation of the birth card and knowing your ruling planet.
3. How do you read the planet influence in Crown Line, Row and Column in life spread
4. Understanding the family of seven cards and Karma cards
5. Basic meaning of all planets and the five most important cards in your yearly life spread
6. Most difficult planets and difficult cards. The Most scary and devastating cards.
7. How to interpret your cards in the whole life spread and yearly spread
8. How to recognize the material and spiritual cycle to take advantage
9. The Money Cards and understanding its meanings
10. Short -Cut notes on the meaning of special birth cards.
11. How to identify and understand the Auspicious Years and Important Events.
12. Special notes on the meaning of special birth cards, examples:

  • Knowing when will you have an unexpected financial windfall
  • Knowing if there is a secret love affair and any indication of divorce.
  • Knowing if that is a good period if you want to buy a property or fight a legal case.
  • Knowing when do you have great money cards, etc.

13. Remedies for your difficult Cards.

Duration: 1 1/2 Day
Fee: S$450
Location: Singapore
Materials and Reports provided

SMS to (+65)91762505 for more enquires about the next available lesson.


Course title:

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Love and Relationships: What your birthday reveals about you and your personal relationships.

A. You will learn how  the secrets of your love life and relationship with others.

1. Find out your marriageability factor, your best marriage partners and hottest sex partners.
2. Who is destined to be your soul mate and who will break your heart.
3. How to do a complete relationship reading between any two people (Business, Love, Work)
4. How your past life cards affect your present relationship
5. Real reasons for your attractions
6. Understanding moon connections and how it affects  relationships
7. How to find and interpret your cards in the weekly spread.
8. The Magic Circle and Solar Value

B. Cards and Life Solutions
1 The secret of the 4 Principles of Life
2. How the mind works
3. How to identify your root thought patterns
4. How to remove your root patterns
5. How to live a life of balance and carry the inner space of possibilities for success in all aspects of your life.

Duration: 1 1/2 Day
Fee: S$450
Location: Singapore
Materials provided

SMS to (+65)91762505 for more enquires about the next available lesson.

4) Advance Level Course

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Welcome to the Advance level of Ancient Science of Cards. I plan to give you as much knowledge that I have

experienced about the system.

The training will give you everything that you need to become a professional and start teaching classes at your convenience, if you so desired.

You will enjoy and be enriched in this advance level.

The things that you will learn are:

  1. The heart of the system. Learn the formula to create 90 yearly life spreads from age 0 to age 90. Learn how to find all your cards in your whole life and your yearly cards from the 90 life spreads given.
  2. Your hidden or underlying cards. How to find the underlying cards. Going deeper into the aspects of the card system to see things that you normally would not see.
  3. Using a formula to calculate whether your day is a good or bad day for Personal and Business Planning to ensure harmony and success.
  4. The importance of  7 year life spreads and knowing the path of Prosperity.
  5. How to do a Professional Reading. Guidelines on consultancy work
  6. Intermediate and Master Level test questions and model answers to attain Master level.
  7. Life Solutions (new). A unique formula for personal transformation.
  8. A Certificate of Achievement for the master level will be awarded.

“Advance Oracle Workbook” and Handouts be given to you as these are useful for reference.

Duration: 1 Day
Fee: S$300
Location: Singapore
Materials and Reports provided

5) 1 to 1 Consultation

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One to one teaching sessions with Master Ooi Chin Wah.
Guaranteed to become a successful professional consultant

Duration: 3 full day coaching
Fee: S$800
Materials and Reports provided

SMS to (+65)91762505 or email for more enquires.


6) Personal Reading

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Readings can be done by phone or in person.
Sessions are usually interactive and you are free to ask questions and give more information as needed.

Schedule an Appointment:

  • Call or email requesting a free consultation.
  • Interview questions will be answered at that time and make an appointment.
  • Submit payment (PayPal, check or cash).
  • You will receive the appointment confirmation by email.

Duration: 60 minutes
Fee: $250

For more information please call (+65) 9176 2505 or email