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Personal Reading & Consultation

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Life changing Results from Master Ooi

Life changing Results from Master Ooi My life has changed since 2006 as I have learned to live my life, enjoying its journey with peace and stability and enriching others with the knowledge of  destiny cards and spiritual practices. I am dedicated to a coaching programme on a one on one or small group basis on learning the ...

Spiritual Article – 16th Nov 2014

Spiritual Article – 16th Nov 2014 16th Nov 2014 Cards of Destiny and Spirituality The “Cards of Destiny” is a powerful and very accurate ancient system of divination and prediction. Yet it is also easy to learn. Cards of Destiny is a spiritual science of self knowledge to help in your spiritual growth for personal transformat...

Create your own Destiny

Create your own Destiny All the cards for your entire life are in the book. Each card has both high and low manisfestations. You create your own destiny (quality of life) by simply making choices between each card. Those whose lives are successful and happy have accessed the higher levels of expression for their cards. Once you know ...